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For businesses and organisations

We can provide you with domain based e-mail services that allow you to add that professional touch. The addresses need not have an association with your website domain names, you do not even need a website.

These addresses could be used in association with business campaign or marketing initiative, for example you could utilise as a specific address to be used on marketing materials for you seasonal sale. Doing this would mean that that address is only utilised for that purpose. Traffic received by you at this address would only relate to that project.

To achieve the above all you would need to do is register the desired domain name with us and sign-up for our e-mail only service. You will be amazed how economical this can be.

E-mail services for home users

An extravagance or a very practical gift?

We have all signed up for e-mail addresses with the popular e-mail service providers. These free services are great and offer feature packaged and easy to use systems.

There is just one issue that always get us. If your name is John Smith your e-mail address will end up being something like:

You could avoid this by registering a domain with us. The domain name could be* anything you want it to be. Your house name for example. If you lived in Wordsworth house you could have e-mail addresses like: or

and so on.................

You can have as many addresses as you like. Contact us for details.

* subject to availability