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We like to believe that you will find it difficult to beat our hosting.

Your hosting package will include a control panel that is packed with features and services that you can use. All these items are included in the price.

Some of the features are highlighted below. Please contact us if you want to learn more. You can even take a trial run if you like!

What the control panel looks like

Manage your hosted files, develop your website and control security. Give your organisation a professional look with dedicated domain based e-mail addresses.

The e-mail management system offers useful features such as webmail logins, mail forwarding, autoresponders and catch-all systems.

There are over 100 features available to you within the control panel as illustrated to the left.

Please note that the above features are based on our standard hosting packages on Linux systems. We do also offer Windows based hosting which offers a different range of features to those listed above. Please ask for more details 01900 292929